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Visit Lombok & Sumbawa 2012 (TVC)
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Journey - Visit Indonesia 2010
  Hotel Recreation
Hotel Recreation
Boasting the biggest free-form shaped swimming pool in Senggigi, the hotels main pool is just a few steps away from the beach. Kids corner with Croquet and Paint Wall at pool area, two tennis courts and table tennis tables available for use by guests.
Cultural Activities  
The local Sasak culture dominates Lombok. The Sasak people were agriculturalists and animists who practiced ancestor and spirit worship. The original Sasak are descendants of a hill tribe believed to have come overland from north-west India or Myanmar (Burma) in waves of migration that predated most Indonesian ethnic groups. The majority of Sasak today are Muslim, although animism has left its mark on the culture.
Landside Adventures  
Climbing high over northern Lombok is the immense Gunung Rinjani, one of the best treks in all of south eastern Asia. If you want incredible views, challenging trekking and awesome scenery Mt Rinjani.
Seaside Adventures  
It's true the Gilis do have lot of coral, that is why they have so much fish, and their blue coral is famous in its own right. The Gilis also have the odd wreck for two and waters of the clear and the blue variety, but more than 3.500 species of fish is the real attraction.
  Water Sports
Dynamic Sports  
Water sport facilities including Snorkeling, Windsurfing, Padle Canoes, Cataramans abd body board. Deep Sea-fishing, Scuba Diving, Water-ski, Parasailing, and outrigger sailing, are all just few minutes away.
  Body Spa
Body & Spa  
Club Arena Spa, providing a complete series of spa services to delight your senses. Relaxing and help to rejuvenate your body, refresh your spirit and strengthen vital energies.
Lombok Culinary  
Plecing Kangkung, very popular on Lombok as a daily dishes to eat together with plain rice. Plecing kangkung consists of a boiled and served in a cold state and fresh shrimp with chili sauce, tomato, sprouts, nuts, and lime.
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Pearl Farms
Pearls one of Lombok’s biggest assets, a great number of people are involved in the sale of this beautiful item. You’ll see may different styles of jewelry decorated with pearls, including earrings, rings, necklaces, lockets, brooches and beads, to suit the quality of the pearls, all pieces of jewelry are made from gold or silver.
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Hotel Recreation
Cultural Activities
Sea Adventures
Land Adventures
Body & Spa
Lombok Culinary
Pearl Farms
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