Lombok Hotel Association (LHA) Converged on WTM LONDON 2012

Launched in the 1980s, WTM or World Travel Market is one of the leading global events for the travel industry. Staged annually in London, the event offers a unique opportunity for the whole global travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business. WTM is owned by the world’s leading events organizer Reed Exhibitions (RE). They organize a portfolio of other travel industry events including Arabian Travel Market and International Luxury Travel Market.

Over the years, WTM has lived up to its expectations by showcasing the best in travel, tourism and hospitality. Today, the event itself attracts thousands of visitors and suppliers of travel and tourism products/services.

This year, WTM was held on 5-8 of November. Lombok Hotels Association (LHA) considered the event a great opportunity to further promote the Lombok travel, tourism and hospitality industry. They wound of sending 7 of their Lombok hoteliers to actively participate in this tourism exhibition.
Their forethought and considerations were not off mark despite the economic recession that is beating down hard on some European countries. Over 187 countries still found their way to London to participate. Furthermore, on the first day of WTM 2012 alone, it experienced a resounding success, with exhibitor invitation visitors up 5% compared to last year’s event.

During the official opening of the WTM ceremony, the chairman of WTM Fiona Jeffery stressed, “Travel and tourism has come far with the creation of jobs, economic boosts, leisure and relaxation. Travel and tourism will remain big given the fact that it has contributed to the world GDP and has created 98 million jobs worldwide.” She further appealed to governments worldwide to give the industry the recognition it deserves as it helps to turn lives around and promote economic prosperity.

Moreover, The findings from the WTM Global trends report 2012 revealed that Asia’s tourism is driving fast and furious; tourism spending continues to grow in Asia as regional economies remain vibrant. Meanwhile The World Travel Market 2012 Industry Report highlighted the SLIMMA nations (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Argentina) are again highlighted by the industry as the emerging travel and tourism powerhouses coming up behind the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).
Indonesia’s importance is further remarked upon and cited because of its diversity, growing population, and high disposable income.

However, let’s not forget that there is still huge untapped potential for growth in travel and tourism in Indonesia. The Indonesian government should put the appeal and information into their considerations because it is believed by many that the government needs to implement more measures to boost the industry and to help the tourism sector achieve its potential. With continued support and better regulation from the government, promising growth is expected over the forecast period – 2016.

All in all, almost 46,000 senior travel industry professionals, government ministers and international press, embarked on ExCeL – London last November to network, negotiate and discover the latest industry opinions and trends at WTM. The chairman of LHA Stephane Servin stated, “The results were promising. We sincerely hope that presenting Lombok at WTM will ensure awareness of the Lombok tourism product, as well as place Lombok firmly on the world tourism map.” He further explained, ”We would love people to know more about Lombok and what Lombok truly is. It is not ‘an unspoiled Bali,’ or ‘the new Bali’. Neither is it ‘Bali’s sister island.’ Yes, our proximity to Bali has been a blessing but it is also a curse. We have been living in Bali’s shadow far too long. It’s time that we make an aggressive tourism campaign and take action to show the world what the region has to offer and more. Our main message is clear: Lombok is not Bali at all, and that is precisely its charm.”

For further information regarding the WTM London, please visit www.wtmlondon.com
Photo from left to right:<br />
Stephane Servin - Chairman of the Lombok Hotel Association & General Manager Santosa Villas & Resort.<br />
Imam Wahyudi – General Manager Villa Ombak and Ombak Sunset<br />
Sara Sanders – General Manager Puri Mas Resort<br />
Iwan Sitompul – General Manager Cocotinos Resort Sekotong<br />
Marino Santosa – Resident Manager Jeeva Klui Resort<br />
TM. Wong- Owner Cocotinos Resort Sekotong<br />
Roshan Fernando - General Manager Tugu Hotel<br />
Photo from left to right:
Stephane Servin – Chairman of the Lombok Hotel Association & General Manager Santosa Villas & Resort.
Imam Wahyudi – General Manager Villa Ombak and Ombak Sunset
Sara Sanders – General Manager Puri Mas Resort
Iwan Sitompul – General Manager Cocotinos Resort Sekotong
Marino Santosa – Resident Manager Jeeva Klui Resort
TM. Wong- Owner Cocotinos Resort Sekotong
Roshan Fernando – General Manager Tugu Hotel

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