ATF (ASEAN Tourism Forum) 2014 at Kuching Malaysia

ATF is the largest ASEAN based trade show for tourism development, every year it is hosted by one country of ASEAN. This year was Malaysia in Kuching Sarawak.
The Lombok Hotel Association decided that for the purpose of tourism growth and development in NTB, Lombok had to be visible in the tourism professional circle and took a double booth at ATF 2014 for the promotion of Lombok where 8 hotel managers presented our great island..
The 28 hotels members of the association were presented to various buyers and media from around the world, but foremost the destination was presented to make sure Lombok become a name on everybody’s lips when talking about Indonesia as a tourism destination
Last year in October the LHA supported by BPPD and PHRI, took a booth at ITB Asia, the largest B2B exhibition in the region, but unfortunately, the other two most important shows in the region could not be supported, and LHA finance itself for ATF2014 and next month for the Perth Travel Expo.
The ministry was very pleased to see for the third time in 6 month the Lombok Hotel Association taking initiative to do what matters for the growth of tourism in NTB.
Our only hope is that NTB BPPD will take on the responsibility to do professional shows with the right industry for the right market in order to ensure proper tourism growth in the region.
February some of Lombok hotels will join the Ministry of Tourism in Singapore for NATAS, the largest consumer show for holiday in Singapore, but before that LHA will be in Perth for the Perth Travel Expo to promote our great Island.

Photo 8 Hotel Managers from Lombok Hotel Association with Ibu Nia Niscaya (Dirgen Pemasaran Luar Negeri Ministry Tourism Indonesia)