The First Halal Universal Tourism Beach Resort of Indonesia

The 15th of February marks a very important date for the Santosa Villas & Resort Family as it is the date we started to adapt our product to respond to owning company aspiration and our destination Tourism positioning within Indonesia. As of 15th of February our property is following the requirements of “Universal Tourism”, and some changes do apply tour product outline, most noticeable by all our guests is the fact that our property no longer sales alcoholic beverage, as Universal Tourism requires us to respond to all guests religious restrictions and Indonesia being a Musilm country, alcohol as to be removed from our product list.
What does it mean for non-muslim guests? Well, as a hotel guests you are welcome to purchase your alcohol within your room or the Seaside Restaurant, where glassware will be provided, again as we do not want revenue from alcohol, we will not apply the usual corkage fee. As it is now, most of our-Muslim guests already purchase beers and other drinks for the room out of local supermarket, our changes will have little effect with the expetion of a reduced beverage bill.
We do appreciate your sipport and wish you a very pleasant stay, and do try our local non alcoholic drinks; you will be surprised by the refreshing pleasure of exotic fruits and other traditional beverages.

With kind regards

The Staff and Management